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Deluxe Choco Selection Box

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Price: Rs. 2659
Product Description :
This chocolate box contains:
A Oreo Chocolate Bar
6 pcs Assorted Chocolates With Truffle
2 pcs Soft Filled
2 Seeds Square
2 pcs Almond Florentine
5 pcs Almond Rocks
Coated Butterscotch
2 Assorted Logs
2 pcs cookies (Chocochips Cookie, Mixed Fruit N Nut Florentine Cookie)

Delight in the indulgence of our Luxurious Chocolate Delight Box, carefully curated for the true connoisseur. Begin your journey with the scrumptious Oreo Chocolate Bar, setting the tone for a symphony of flavors. Dive into the luxurious assortment of 6 chocolates, each adorned with a velvety truffle center, complemented by 2 soft-filled delights for an extra layer of decadence. Experience the wholesome goodness of 2 seeds square and the delicate crunch of 2 almond florentines. Revel in the perfect combination of 5 almond rocks and the alluring appeal of coated butterscotch. Embark on a sensory adventure with 2 assorted logs, each offering a unique surprise. Conclude your sweet escapade with the delightful duo of Chocochips Cookie and Mixed Fruit N Nut Florentine Cookie, creating a harmonious balance of sweetness and crunch. This chocolate box is a thoughtful and delectable gift, promising an unforgettable experience for any occasion.

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