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Raksha Bandhan Festival Significance - What Rakhi Festival Teaches Us

Rakhi story in MahabharataIt so happened that once Lord Sri Krishna cut his finger accidentally. Immediately, his wives rush for a bandage cloth to stop his bleeding. However, his sister Draupadi who was also there immediately tears her saree edge and ties it as the bandage for him. Happy with her spontaneity and love for him, Lord Sri Krishna promises that he would always protect her and help her in times of need. Accordingly, he saves her modesty in the royal court of Kauravas. This symbolizes the brothers should always stay to their words and protect their sisters come what may.

Rakhi story in relation to Goddess Mahalakshmi

The Vedic time's King of Kerala King Mahabaliwas a very generous person. He is also a great devotee of Lord Maha Vishnu. He does intense penance and seeks a boon from Vishnu that he would stay in the royal court forever. Lord Vishnu accepts his request and goes with him as a Guest. Meanwhile, in the Vaikuntha, Goddess Mahalakshmi starts missing her husband, Lord Vishnu. She comes to know that Vishnu is in the fort of Mahabali. Then she disguises herself as a human and goes to Lord Mahabali's court. She ties a Raksha Bandhan to Mahabali and calls him a brother. Immensely pleased with her sisterly love, Mahabali asks Mahalakshmi for a wish. She immediately requests that he send her husband Lord Vishnu to their home Vaikuntha.

As promised when she tied the sacred thread Rakhi, Mahabali sent Lord Vishnu along with Goddess Lakshmi.

This story signifies how brothers should fulfil the promise they make when the sisters tie Rakhi to them.

Thus, Rakhi teaches us that : Brothers and sisters are made for each other, trust, care for, and protect each other for their lives. The thread Rakhi is not just a normal thread but holds immense significance. To tie Rakhi, the male person need not be their own brother. Any elderly or younger one can be called as brother as per Indian tradition and so they can suit for Rakhi tying too. It's time to celebrate

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