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How to Send Rakhi to India

Rakhi festival assumes incomparable importance to Indians, especially to Hindus. This is a unique festival that celebrates the greatness of the brother-sister bond of love. This festival is celebrated by Indians, all across the world, irrespective of the place they reside.

Rakhi Legends

Like any other Hindu festival, Rakhi festival also has its roots in the Puranas and the Hindus scripture. Here are some of the legends that are quite popular.

It was on Shravan Purnima that Goddess Yamuna, the sister of Lord Yama tied Rakhi to him. Pleased with this the great lord of death, Yama gave a boon to his sister that he would protect her always and every sister who ties Rakhi to her brother on this day shall stay protected throughout the life and the brother shall remain victorious.

According to another story from the epics, King Bali was an ardent devotee of Lord Vishnu. He once did penance and pleased the Lord and requested him to stay with him in his kingdom itself. Lord Vishnu agrees to this and stays on the earth itself. However, it was Goddess Mahalakshmi who missed her husband Lord Vishnu very much and decided that she should bring him back to Vaikuntha, the eternal abode of Lord Vishnu. Then she visits the kingdom of King Bali and ties a Rakhi to him on Sravana Purnima.�

King Bali gets pleased very much and asks her to seek any wish for which she asks that she needs her husband back in the Vaikuntha for the welfare of the three Lokas. With this, the king Bali gets pleased very much and gives away all his wealth too and send the couple back to Vaikuntha.

According to another legend from Mahabharatha, Lord Srikrishna is the mentor and guide of Pandavas. Draupadi, the wife of Pandavas respects Lord Sri Krishna as her brother. It so happens that one day in the royal court, Lord Krishna gets hurt in his little finger of the right hand and starts bleeding from there. When everyone else is looking for help, Draupadi tears her saree and ties a bandage to Lord Krishna. This pleases him immensely and he assures to protect her all the time. This became a tradition and is practiced as Rakhi festival at this age.

How is Rakhi celebrated

Rakhi festival is celebrated with great joy and love. Sisters and brothers take their time in choosing Rakhis and gifts to exchange on this wonderful festival of the eternal bond between brother and sister. Sisters and brothers meet in person along with their families and spend a great time together. Sisters choose the best of the Rakhis that are available in the market as Rakhi is the symbol of love between them and their brothers. Even for sisters and brothers who cannot meet in person, there are a number of Designer Rakhi's available online at very attractive prices and in many models.

Once sister ties Rakhi, it is customary that the brother gives a gift to her as a mark of his love onto her. Depending on the culture and tradition of people, some people give money as a gift, while some prefer to surprise the sister with a wonderful gift that she would love.�

Some of the Rakhi gifts that brothers give to their sisters are Watches, Makeup Kits, Chocolate Boxes, Cakes, Wardrobe accessories, Sarees, Idols, etc. Sisters also can attach a beautiful surprise to their brother along with Rakhi. For example, they can gift Watches, Dry Fruit Baskets, Ethnic Wear to brothers, etc.

If you are looking to send Rakhi to India, worry not! You have countless online services that have best online Rakhi gifts delivery and designer Rakhis to serve your purpose of delivering Rakhi orders even from countries like USA, UK, Canada, Australia and so on. You will be spoilt with service of same day delivery of your choice of Rakhis and Rakhi gifts available online. Happy Rakhi and Happy Gifting!

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