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When is Rakhi 2019

Rakhi festival is the most favourite for brothers and sisters in India. Indian siblings living all over the world eagerly awaits to celebrate this festival without amiss. Rakhi festival is a celebration of the beautiful bond between brothers and sisters in India. It holds utmost significance both in terms of religion and emotions.

This year, Rakhi festival is on August 15th.

The Story behind Rakhi festival

Like all other Hindu festivals, Rakhi has legends associated with it. They date back to the epics and Puranas of Hindu religion and explain why Rakhi festival has to be celebrated without missing it at any cost.�

In the age of Mahabharatha, Lord Sri Krishna was the mentor of Pandavas, the five sons of King Pandu. Draupadi was the wife of Pandavas and considered Lord Sri Krishna as her brother. It so happened once that on one day when the royal court was happening Lord Krishna's finger got hurt and it starts bleeding. While all the courtiers were looking for a bandage, Draupadi immediately tore her saree and tied it to prevent Lord Krishna's bleeding. It was then that the Great Lord gave a boon to her saying that he would protect her all the time. Also, whichever sister shows the love on her brother in this way shall remain blessed and cared all the life and that brother shall remain victorious forever.

Since then, it has been a tradition to celebrate Rakhi festival on every Sravana Pournami, the full moon day that falls on the Sravana month as per the lunar calendar of Hinduism.

Rakhi Celebrations

Rakhi festival is known for emotions and celebration of the sibling bond. Siblings - both brothers and sisters - wait for this festival very much. It is a tradition that sisters tie Rakhi to their brother's right hand on this festival and offer them sweets. This is looked upon as a symbol of protection. It is also a custom that brothers give beautiful gifts to their sisters that represent their love and caring on them.

Due to these reasons, the markets are full of inviting Rakhis and Rakhi gifts very ahead of the start of Rakhi season. Brothers and sisters both spend a lot of time in choosing the best Rakhi for their brother and best Rakhi Gifts for sisters.

Rakhi Gift ideas

If you are looking to send Kids Rakhi to India or searching for sending Rakhi Sets to India, move ahead and find some more interesting gift options for Rakhi festival.

Rakhi Gifts for sisters

Sisters love gifts that resemble their brothers' affection. Teddy Bears, Trendy Cushions, Personalized Coffee Mugs with photos or captions printed on them, Wall Decor with cute messages or inspiring quotes will make good gift ideas for Rakhi.

You can also consider gifting ethnic apparel such as Sarees, Punjabi Dresses, or Gagra Cholis - in a color that your sister loves.�

Though Cake cutting is not customary on Rakhi, you can send a delicious Cake with a message printed saying for lovely sister or another message to double up the joy of Rakhi for your sister. Want more? Add a Flower Bouquet or handmade Chocolate Boxes along with the Cake.�

Rakhi Gifts for brothers

What's a better gift than a beautiful Rakhi for a brother? Sisters have so many Rakhi options to explore online from Kundan Rakhi, Zardoshi Rakhis, Ganesha Rakhi, Balaji Rakhi, OM Rakhi and many such lovely Rakhis at cheap price. For little brothers and kids, many Rakhis are available in cartoon characters and figures. For example, Doremon Rakhis, Tom and Jerry Rakhis, Spiderman Rakhis, etc.

Sweets are another important thing that is not to be missed from a sister's side. You can get readymade sweets such as Kaju katli, motichoor laddu, or Mysore Pak to treat your brother after you tie Rakhi to him. You can easily find such ideas on any online services that deliver Rakhi with Sweets to India.

Happy Rakhi!

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