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Sweet is best for Raksha Bandhan

If you have been wanting to celebrate this upcoming Raksha Bandhan with the flawless sweets then you have arrived at the right place. Here you will be served with the list of best sweets that are enjoyed during Raksha Bandhan. So, what are you waiting for? Come and hop into our list of finest sweets below.

1.Kaju Barfi - We all call this one dessert by different names, but we all agree on how delicious it is. Kaju Barfi, as I name this dessert, is a favourite of people of all ages. The diamond-shaped Dessert also makes an excellent festive gift.

2.Seviyan - Roasted seviyan in desi ghee has a wonderful festive scent. The aroma of seviyan cooking is like a festival siren. Seviyan is best served with a generous amount of dry fruits on top to make it seem appetizing.

3.Soan Papdi - Soan Papdi is the nucleus of Indian desserts. Every festival features the crisp and feather light dessert. It is kid's most beloved dessert. This dessert has a lengthy history and is an essential component of Indian desserts. In India, children, teenagers, and even the elderly enjoy Soan Papdi! So there is no way you can go without Soan Papdi from Haldirams on Rakhi.

4.Baklava Rolls - These baklava rolls are in trend now. Traditional Turkish baklava or pistachio baklava is typically made of phyllo dough, finely crushed pistachios, butter, and a simple syrup made of sugar, water, and lemon juice. Enjoy!

5.Motichur Laddoo - Laddoo is everyone's favourite sweet, and it's a must-have for Raksha Bandhan. The first thing you reach for after tying the Rakhi is a Laddoo. This sweet is a staple of the Rakhi Festival.

6.Sohan Halwa - A festival would be incomplete without a delicious bowl of Halwa. Sohan Halwa garnished with Kaju and Badam is like being served a small piece of heaven. It is the best homemade dessert that is both simple and delicious. On the occasion of the Rakhi celebration, a delicious bowl of Sohan Halwa might blow your guests' minds.

7.GulabJamun -GulabJamun is a delicious dessert that complements practically all Indian traditional dishes. It's just milk solids that have been deep fried in ghee and then dipped in sugar syrup. This Dessert's simplicity distinguishes and distinguishes it.

8.Kulfi - After a filling lunch, I'm sure you'll need something that will calm your taste senses and have a refreshing feel to it. What can compete with a kulfifaluda? Kulfifaluda is an excellent way to conclude the Rakhi lunch. A dish of kulfi with faluda, sabja seeds, dry fruits, and rose water will taste exquisite. Everyone in your family will like this dish, from children to adults. This recipe is refreshing and delicious, and it is ideal for the Rakhi celebration.

9.Kheer - The best love affair one can have with sweets is with Indian Kheer, also known as Rice pudding in the rest of the world. Any event would be incomplete without a bowl of delectable Kheer topped with dry fruits.

Author Name : Pradipta Mitra.

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Posted on: 8/3/2022 12:04:46 PM

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