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Add Extra Sweetness to Dussehra Festivity with Sweet Hampers

Choosing which treat to serve this Dussehra is one of the sweetest conundrums! While some choose based on time availability, some choose safe, quick, and instant variety, others choose to challenge the challenging classic ones, while still others choose family favourites. And the common n safest bet gifting is sending sweets to India for Durga Puja through our e-gift portal at the pocket friendly budget. Here is the list of some of the finest sweets from us and you can also get hampers at a very convenient price. Come and add Extra Sweetness to Dussehra festivity with online delivery of variety of delicious Sweets to India like never before.

1. Delicious Motichur Ladoo - A type of Indian confection made from besan, sugar, and ghee. This delicacy contains a lot of sugar, as is customary for these types of treats. Ladoo are sweet and delectable snacks that can be consumed at any time of day or night. They can be consumed as an appetizer, dessert, or snack to satiate your hunger. These sweets are also considered a healthier alternative because they do not include as much fat as other desserts such as brownies or cakes. It is made in every family at special occasions such as Dussehra because it is everyone's favourite. Don't you just adore Ladoo? Purchase it today and enjoy it during Dussehra.

2. Jalebi - Jalebi is a spiral-shaped fried sweet that tastes juicy and crispy. During the holiday season, it is cooked or purchased in every home. They are very delicious and wonderful. Jalebi is an Indian delicacy made with soaking, normal, or coarsely crushed semolina with a syrupy flour foundation. The syrup can be blended with fruit jam or absorbed ghee or nuts.

3. Haldiram Gulab Jamun - Gulab Jamun is a well-known Indian dessert. This recipe calls for condensed milk, flour, sugar, and water. This is then fried in oil to achieve the desired texture. Gulab Jamun with ice cream or kulfi is a popular way to eat it. During Dussehra, every sweet lover likes Gulab jamun from the reputed mithai shop of Haldirams.

4. Coconut Barfi - Coconut Barfi is an Indian treat made of shredded coconut, sugar, and ghee. The dessert is famous in North India and is frequently served at festivals such as Dussehra. The inclusion of coconut barfi in ice creams and other desserts has increased its appeal. People like its flavour and texture, which is a cross between fudge and a chocolate brownie. Coconut barfi can be eaten alongside a variety of cuisines or as a dessert on its own. The ingredients are really simple: sugar, ghee, coconut flakes, cardamom powder, and a few drops of saffron essence.

5. Rasgulla from Haldirams - A delicious dish that is typically a deep-fried, spherical or cylindrical piece of dough that has been soaked in sugar syrup. Rasgulla comes in a variety of varieties. Rasgullas come in a variety of flavours these days. Traditional rasgullas, on the other hand, will always have a special place in my heart. During festivals such as Dussehra, they can be found in every home.

6. Diamond Shape Kaju Katli - A delectable traditional North Indian delicacy consisting of cashew nuts, sugar and cardamom powder, is a must-have for such festivities. It is believed that having Kaju Katli in the auspicious occasions bring good luck and prosperity. They can be spotted in every home during celebrations such as Dussehra.

7. Mysore Pak - A delightful treat made of besan, ghee, plain flour and sugar, hold a special place in my heart. During festivals such as Dussehra, they can be found in every home, with the syrupy sugars or 'paka' melting in mouths like anything heavenly smooth.

8. Phirni - A delectable confection of slow cooked Indian pudding, Phirni is much famous in the Indian subcontinent. In the occasions like Dussehra or any grand celebrations, you can rarely resist the welcoming scent of the basmati rice, milk, nuts, sugar and cardamom powder, working up a delectable concoction to tickle the sweet tooth of all. They can be spotted in every home during celebrations such as Dussehra.

We have hampers of all of these sweets at our inventory. So, what are you further waiting for? Place your order online now and never regret later.

Author Name : Pradipta Mitra.

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