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Top 5 Promises to Make on Promise Day

1. I will always listen to you - Gorgeous, isn't? Tell your sweetheart that you will always listen to him or her no matter what the situation is. This statement will be like icing on the cake in any situation. Being in a relationship with someone who does listen to your every single thing no matter how stupid it be, very cute right? Make this sweet and cute promise to let your partner know that you are the one for him or her.

2. I will always be there for you - These lines are not only best when your partner is in difficult position but also in a comfortable moment since it speaks the word of wisdom in love. This shows immense love, care and concern. If you want your sweetheart to smile brighter like never before then we suggest you promise him or her with this statement. Make your sweetheart realize that you will never leave him or her no matter what the situation is.

3. I will respect you and your family - Family is most important for anyone. And yes for your partner too. So you have to think more than thousandth times before speaking anyone. Keep in mind that you must not hurt the sentiments of him or her by speaking anything stupid about the family. This pledge will define the inner beauty, gratitude and politeness of yours. Just like you respect and take care of your partner you must make sure that you do for his or her family too.

4. I will always be loyal to you - Being loyal is not something everyone in every relationship can do. These days we heard a lot of news about heartbroken man or woman, ditched by an unfaithful partner. Being faithful and trustworthy in your relationship is the key to bright future. If you are with the one that you want to live the rest of your life with then you must be loyal at first place. Being loyal and trustful will surely win half of the war of love.

5. I want to grow old with you - Do you know what it means? It means that you want him or her till your last breath. We all know that forever is not real but fictional and of course, we won't be living till eternity for sure. That's why living till last breath make sense. This promise will make him or her fall completely for you like anything.

Go tell your partner that you care.

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Posted on: 2/8/2020 10:05:38 AM

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