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How to Propose your Girlfriend

1. Make sure you have found the one - Before rushing too much all you need to do is ask to your heart if she is the right one for you. Many people prefer moving in with each other before taking the final step of proposing. This helps in knowing each other more closely. What can be more beautiful than living with each other before taking the huge step of the future? Of course, this is just the perfect solution. Knowing each other's habits, bad or good are certainly roots to your relationship.

2. Be bold and confident with your relationship - This behaviour and attitude will help you to act practically in your relationship. Because taking steps for future and relationship can't be taken lightly that's why you should act maturely with all of your decisions. For this thing, you have to spend a lot of time of the day with your girlfriend. You need to check the comfort of you guys. We all know that it is totally impossible to predict the answer to be 100% yes or no. But spending time, getting close, comfort and care for each other will surely define how much the answer can tend to yes.

3. Be yourself - This is the most important thing you have to keep in mind. Sometimes we search about the proposal and get ideas that are mostly filmy or unnatural. Dont let yourself washed with something fake or fictional love movies or character etc. Act maturely just like the way you are. Show your impact. This will help you to create the mark of your love in her heart very perfectly without any doubt. Just being yourself can win the half of war of love without doing anything. And of course, you can't win the whole love without expressing that's why while expressing you have to tell what you exactly feel and what is your motive with her to make her feel comfortable, safe and loved all the way.

4. Deciding when to propose - Date and time play a crucial role in everything and for this too. You just can't say Will you marry me ? anywhere or anytime. You have to choose the perfect moment for it. Like a birthday, occasion or festival etc. can certainly be the best option out there.

5. Deciding where to propose and what ways - Place are also has an important factor in getting yes for your proposal. Silent place, beach or restaurant etc. can be a great option too. There are several ways to propose like getting choirs, singing, hiding a ring or balloons etc. Choose your ways and just go for it.

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Posted on: 2/10/2020 6:00:14 AM

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