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Different Types of Hugs

1. Bear Hug - This is the most common type you might be familiar with. It is tight, warm, consoling and of course loving. This is the kind you get from your parents, friends and lover etc. it does convey the deep message without saying a single word. If someone is going through a hard time then you must do this with him or her because this can say 1000 words of emotions without uttering a single. It is done where one person hugs and hold another close to chest tightly.

2. Polite or Side Hug - This is the kind you get from your friends, colleagues and family etc. in order to show admiration, appreciation and some affection. It is the form that is given by sideways holding to each other.

3. Intimate Hug - It is kind of form where couple or lover look into each other eyes, hold onto arms, come close and express love through warmth. It is indeed a very romantic and desiring kind. So what are you waiting for Embrace your sweetheart through this in upcoming love events. This is just the perfect way of expressing oneself in a relationship.

4. Buddy Hug - It is a very friendly form of sharing emotions. This is done generally between friends where one has to put hands on shoulder sideways and vice-versa. Between friends, this is very popular.

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