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Best Ways to Propose your Girlfriend

1. Select the destination proposal - Choose a place like a beach or quiet place where you will be able to express the immense love you had for her without getting disturbed. Take her out for a moment, share how you much important she is, and make her realize her worth and also yours. Tell her what you exactly feel for her and want her as your life partner by kneeling and holding the ring.

2. Music band or Choirs surprise - This look really old school but this is very effective. The woman who has been with you for a long time and know you very much. If she has a certain feel for you, it will be nearly impossible for her to say no to this gorgeous surprise. Just surprise your girlfriend with favorite song or chords of her. I assure you that this will surely create the memories for you. This is the most perfect way to turn the No to yes very effectively. Just go for it.

3. Take out to the favourite spot of eating - Healthy and delicious food is something that no one can ignore. Imagine eating the right food together then expressing your love and feel for her. Telling her that you want a future for both of you after consuming yummy food can be just the perfect fuel to your emotions and expressions.

4. Proposing with Candles - Take her out to date to a restaurant. Explain all the requirements to the cafe or restaurant owner that you want to get the candles light up (Arranged in Will you marry me?) whenever the light goes off. This will surely play an impact role in creating and bursting love and emotions in both of you.

5. Proposing with Balloons - This might look like old ideas of proposing but it surely has the strong side of being old school. For this, you have to gather your family or friends and make hold balloons (Must be filled with helium, so that they can float). Write W-I-L-L-Y-O-U-M-R-R-RY-M-E? one by one on balloons so that you can surprise hereby proposing when your friends or family release the balloons.

Express your affection and emotions in the right way to live the future with your soul mate. Remember, be yourself.

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Posted on: 2/10/2020 1:04:02 PM

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