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Best Ways to Kiss your Girlfriend

1. Kiss on the Cheek -This is also some of the common types which we think you are familiar with. Here one has to peck softly with tender in partner's cheek with immense love in mind. This is a kind of friendly form too where one can show each other concern and make the comfort room of romance and obviously positive feelings.

2. Kiss on the Hand - In this usually a male partner kisses on the backside of a female partner's hand to show deep feeling, gratitude and respect. This is a kind of act where you can show love in gentle and passive way.

3. French Kiss - This is a kind of passionate form where the couple can show love to each other in a very definite form. In this one has to stick lips against his or her beloved and this also involves lots of tongue playing to share feelings in the right way. This is erotic, arousing and expressive type where one can share romance and desire to each other through this romantic act.

4. Earlobe Kiss - This is the act where one has to nibble softly on the earlobe of his or her beloved in order to show love and emotions the perfect way. This is done in order to grow intimacy and desire in each other. This soft and gentle kisses can grew stronger each time and led the intensity higher in showing affections.

Perform this act of desire in right way to express your feelings most accurately.

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