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Best Ways to Hug your Girlfriend

1. Frontal Hug - We believe that since this is the most common type, you might be familiar with it. This is very common but pretty effective in expressing the affection and emotions in the right way. For this, you have to come close to your sweetheart and afterwards hold her waist with your forearms by placing your head on her shoulder or just leaning head to head. Remember that don't hold too tight at beginning since making her comfortable is your first priority. If she gets comfortable then you can hold your tight just the way want. This will create a magical moment between you guys.

2. Hugging from behind - This can be really surprising as well as sweetest form of hugs. Suppose if your honey is working in the kitchen or garden and you just walk silently without letting her know. Then you suddenly hold her waist and hug her tightly from behind by placing your head on her shoulder or just leaning head to head. This lovely act and a sweet surprise from you will be surely appreciated by her. Just go for it when she is busy but not doing any important work.

3. Bear Hug - This is one of the sweetest act you can show towards your girl. This start withholding each other on arms, leaning head on each other. If you want to feel the warmth of love then you must go for this because holding tight is a speciality of this hug. Never miss the moment of love with this lovely act. Through this, you will be able to express how comfortable you are with her even without uttering a single word.

4. Intimate Hug - These kinds of love act usually comes with spontaneous action to be done simultaneously. Suppose when you are hugging your girlfriend, you can kiss also and also rub her back eventually making her warm. This will help you guys to be more comfortable with each other. If you want to tell her that you love her with a depth of your heart and want to enjoy forever with her then nothing is more effective than this. This surely brings the intimacy act afterwards. So make sure you are at the right place while doing this.

Since you now know the best ways to hug your girlfriend, we would like to mention some of crucial point along with upper mentioned steps. Firstly, be fresh enough and apply some good deodorant or perfume so that you don't smell bad. This will help you guys to come closer without any disturbance. Secondly, be confident enough to hold her waist nice and firm.

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Posted on: 2/10/2020 5:58:06 AM

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