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Father's Day is one of such days that is dedicated especially for blood relations. It is not meant for a specific nation or language, but can be celebrated with joy and love by everyone who loves their dad. Normally, every year this day is held on the 3rd Sunday of June and even this year too i.e, on 16th of June.

Why should we love our Father?

Father is someone who can do anything for us. He cares his children. He works hard for their future. He wishes a better life for them. He cannot tolerate any pain that they might experience. He can forego any luxury to provide the needs of his children. He can go to any extreme to protect his children.

We hear of fathers who toil day and night in double duties to make their ends meet for the children. There are many fathers who are illiterate but wish to see their children in great positions such as engineers, doctors, civil servants and foreign settled persons. And they have achieved their dreams too. Such is the power of father and the good heart and will he carries.

A father's love is always a blessing for his child. A child under the care of a loving father grows up into a responsible citizen and a loving father to his child. All said and done, it is our minimum responsibility to care our father in their times of need and old age and to recognize their sacrifices and efforts for our better future. And which occasion would fare better than the beautiful day of Father's Day?

Father's Day Gift Ideas

On this Father's Day if you are looking for selecting gifts for your dad, here are some useful ideas.

1.For a Tech Savvy Dad: Smart Watches, Smart Phones, Mobile and Laptop Accessories etc. will work wonder as gifts.

2.For Spiritual Dads: Books on Spirituality and Religion, Puja Items and Idols will suit very well.

3.For Hobbyist Dads: Painting Kits, Musical Instruments,�

4.For Sport lover Dads: You can gift various Indoor Games such as Chess, Caroms or Puzzles and Outdoor Game Accessories such as Shuttle Bats, or Cricket Kits.

If you are looking for Father's Day Gifts to India in general, you can search for best online Gifts for Dad on any service provider who provides Father's Day Gift delivery in India.

You can also gift a Cake and Flower Bouquet that is a tradition in many countries for Father's Day. But you know what? You can customize as per your dad's tastes the Cake and the message and the Flower Bouquet too. You can add a personalized gift such as printed Coffee Mug, or printed Pillow Cushion Cover, or printed Keychain etc.

How about adding a musical greeting card too? This will definitely bring back the childhood memories for your dad. Try this and see him being pleasantly surprised!

If you are conscious about health of your dad, you can opt for Sugar Free Cakes or Eggless Cakes depending on your food habits too. Looking for healthy gift choices for Father's Day? Okay, here's a list:

1.Dry Fruit Baskets and Organic Fresh Fruit Baskets

2.Handmade Sugarless Chocolates

3.Dumbbells and Home Exercise Kits

4.Books on Yoga, Health care and Yoga Mats

Need more rewarding gifts? How about these?

1.A Gym Membership for your dad for a year.

2.A Walking Club or a Laughing Club Membership.

3.A Comprehensive Health check-up for your dad and a one on one discussion with dietitian and fitness expert for him.

Whichever gift you choose, make sure that it makes sense to gift it and is really helpful and useful for your dad. Besides, no gift to your dad beats true love from your side. So always love your dad wholeheartedly!

Happy gifting and Happy Father's Day to you and your dad!

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