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6 Ideas to Celebrate Father's Day

Gift a plant

Turn thisFather's Day greener. Gift a plant to your dad as a Father's Day gift. Choosefrom the plenty of indoor plant range that purifies the air and infusesfreshness every moment. Have a beautiful backyard. Who is stopping you fromgifting a fruit-bearing tree that your father loves most.Spend the wholeevening doing gardening and enjoying the smell of the Earth.

Send a special meal

If your fatheris staying alone or away from you, send him his favourite meal from a hygienicrestaurant. You could also attach a surprise Father's Day cake and flowerbouquet with a lovely message.

Hang out on a call escaping into the past

Connectwith your dad on a virtual call. Talk about anything and everything related toyour past. Ask him to share his childhood life. Dig into your school days andchildhood days. Ask him how he felt at every milestone of your growth. The dayyou were born, the day you took the first step, when you joined the school,etc. You will be surprised to know his feelings that he so carefully cherisheseven to date.

Get him vaccinated

How can weignore the crucial aspect of caring for our dear ones. Get an appointment foryour dad's vaccination if he has not got one. Take him personally to thevaccination centre and gift him immunity to stay protected and healthy amidstthese testing times. If he has already taken his first dose, check the scheduleof the second dose and plan for it.

Open the photo album

If you andyour dad stay together, after a hearty Father's day special meal, open the oldphoto album. We don't mean the photos on the drive! Dust the albums hidden inyour wardrobes and relive the past. There can be no better occasion to talk andrelax, cherishing the olden golden days.

Watch Father themed movies

Movies areone best way to escape into another world away from stress. On this Father'sDay, grab a big bowl of homemade popcorn and enjoy your movie time with dad. Itis one of the beautiful ways to celebrate Father's Day at home without spendinganything.


Do you haveany other beautiful idea of celebrating Father's Day on your mind.Please sharewith us through comments.

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Posted on: 7/23/2021 7:55:45 AM

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