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5 Best Gifts for Dad

A father is the first hero of a daughter and the role model for a son. Every father cherishes the bond between him and his children. He can go up to any extreme and work hard for the betterment of his children.

A father plays many roles in the life of his children. He is the protector - he protects his family and his children from any sort of risks and danger. He is the teacher - he teaches life to his children. He shows them how to face and fight with the ups and downs of life. He is a mentor - he guides the children about what to do and what not to do. He is a saviour for the children - he assures that he is there for them at all the time.

Father's Day Celebrations

Father's Day is internationally celebrated on the third Sunday of every June. This beautiful celebration started in Europe since the middle ages and has gained immense popularity all across the world in recent times. The day embraces the spirit of fatherhood and its importance. It is common on this day that people get together with their fathers and gift them memorable gifts and spend the whole day with them cherish the beautiful memories of their life. Fathers bless their children wholeheartedly and give them good advice about how to win live and face struggles confidently.

Father's Day Gifts to Dad

Having a good caring and guiding father is the greatest gift that children can ever have in their life. Often we hear stories of children who are motherless but grew up with their dads in the most beautiful way that they even never needed their mother.�

A father always sacrifices for his children and rarely thinks for himself. Every penny he wants to spend for the children and thinks for their future only. Hence, Father's Day is a wonderful chance for the children to gift memorable gifts to their fathers.�

If you are looking for Father's Day Gifts to India and best online gifts for dad or unique gifts for dad, here is a good guide designed especially for you.

Watches: A father spends every moment living and working hard for his children. For a father, time is money. He works more to earn more and meet the increasing needs of his children. Hence, watches make memorable gifts for this Father's Day. Every time your father looks at the watch you have presented him on this Father's Day, a wholehearted smile will dance on his face.��

Desk Decor: Gift your father a useful Desk Decor item that he would love to keep at his working space. A look at it will relieve his work stress and make him work harder with ease, reminding that it is for his children he is working and not for himself!

Coffee Mug: A printed Coffee Mug carrying a photo of you and your dad would be a beautiful gift for him on this Father's Day. Because which dad does not love to sip coffee from the cup that his child has gifted with love and relax deeply in the course of his work?

Belts and Wallets: These make perfect accessories for your father. Choose colours and models that he does not have and enjoy the pride on his face as he puts them on!

Not just these, you can also choose custom made Cakes, personalized Greetings Card, Picture Frames, Tie & Cufflink Set, costly and unique Pens - and many more for your father depending on your father's taste and your budget! Remember, all that your father needs from you is true love besides this gift! So don't forget to gift him that too! Happy Father's Day and happy gifting!!

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